Film Synopsis

Billy Murray (One in the Chamber, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) stars in ‘Drifter’, a story of one man’s journey through the treacherous and ravaged countryside in a Britain plagued by a religion fuelled guerrilla war. Featuring performances from Peter Slater (Ideal, Slaterwood), Antony Singleton (Buzz Dish) & Colin Rice (The Sleeper Effect). In the film, ‘The Drifter’ must navigate through the wastelands armed with little more than his survival instinct and a crumpled map leading the way. Not only must he evade the roaming clans who dish out God’s punishment on whomever they find, but also the northern cities now under ‘The Reverend’s’ rule.

Production Companies

Happy Armadillo Films
D5 Films

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Production / Colour Grading / VFX

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